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K. Amornlak - 'The Fish Lady' , (17 images)
I have for years been passing the nice lady making 'one day dry fish' Pla Dad Deaw on the roadside in Samutprakarn. One day I decided to stop and have a talk. With my thai friend K. Rattana's help, I was able to get a better view of what the fish lady K. Amornlak is doing. K. Amornlak has been farming fish and selling dried fish for 7 years. Her mother has in the past done it for 30 years. Their home is situated at a klong and close to a big fishingpond. The 'one day dried fish' style of drying the fish in the sun, is popular in Samutprakarn. I have never seen this other places in Thailand. The fish get a more get more delicious and tasty by this way. Every day she buys the fish in the region from other fish farmers, cleans the fish and dries it in the sun. By the day end, the whole lot is sold off to a price of 100 - 150 Baht per kilo, depending of size and quality. K. Amornlak showed us her fishing pond close by, the pond is about 30 000 m2 and she will empty the pond every 9 month. She get around 1000 kg fish every time. In the mean time she dries fish and sell it. We bought the fish and K. Rattana fried the fish and served it with 'healthy' rice.
Photo: Knut yvin Skaar - Bangkok
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