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Sea Food Market Restaurant Soi 24 , (33 images)
We have many times visited the Sea Food Market in Sukhumvit Soi 24. This time we invited some friends and customer of us to join in a seafood feast! The restaurant is of a football field size, has a separate part where we first can inspect and choose the fresh or live seafood. We get a nice lady helping us choosing using a trolley. If you want wine they also have a good collection. We then pay for all of it in a counter and can rest at our fine big circular table out there in the yard (By the way, they also have VIP rooms for those who want that too). Now comes the tricky part...having all the food in the trolley, the waiter then asks what we want to do with it!! We manage somehow to explain what we want, and then in a while all the food comes 'flying' to our table. Then we pay for the cooking and service. Excellent food, but expensive. See the pictures we took...
Photo: Knut yvin Skaar - Bangkok
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